zd-pixel Welcome to Your New Career Center!

Looking for a new job?

Welcome to Your New Career Center!

On Nov 3, 2021

Here’s a quick update on everything your new career center has to offer, plus a few tips for how you can make the most of it, whether you’re actively looking for a new job or just want to stay at the top of your career game.  

Improved Navigation

Find everything your career center offers in the top right corner under “JOB SEEKERS.” This is where you’ll log in, update your profile, search for jobs and find the latest career advice and industry news. Want to head over to our main site? You’ll find that to the left of the “JOB SEEKERS” link, but we hope you’ll take a spin around the career center first!

New Profile

Speaking of updating your profile, now is a great time to do that. We’ve made it easier to keep your information up to date, all on one page. Need to change your contact info or password? That’s here. Want to upload your latest CV or resume (you are updating it regularly, right?) and make it findable by top employers? That’s here, too! Want new jobs and the latest industry news delivered to your inbox as soon as they’re available? You guessed it — you can now subscribe to job alerts and emails all on the main profile page. This is also where you can look back at your past job apply history.

Go Ahead — Update Your Profile!

Job Search and Alerts

Narrow down your job search with just a couple clicks, based on specialty, location, the date the job was posted, even whether there’s a Visa waiver available. Then filter your results so that you see the best jobs for you first. Got a specific employer you’re dying to work for? A specific job title you want on your name badge? You can sort your results by either!

In the past you may have received job alerts that weren’t quite on the money. Well, not anymore! Now you’ve got more control than ever over the job alerts you receive. After you fine tune your job search, hit the red “CREATE ALERT” button above the search result filters and you’ll start receiving job alerts for any new positions that fit your criteria as soon as they’re posted. Want to change your job alerts? Head back to your profile page to turn your saved search alerts on or off, increase or decrease the location radius, or delete them entirely. You can also let us do some of the work for you by turning on alerts based on your past job apply history. How easy is that?

Give it a Try — Search for Jobs and Set Up a Job Alert!

Already Have Job Alerts? Make Sure They’re Up to Date!

More Employer Info

We hear you — sometimes you want more info on an employer before you apply for a job there. Find photos, videos, stats and even employee satisfaction survey results right next to the job description. Because the job search should always be a two-way street!

Easy Apply Process

You’ve found the perfect job and you’re ready to take the leap — and we’re here to make it painless! See that giant “APPLY” button in the top right corner of the job description page? Give it a click. For many jobs, all you’ll need to do is choose the resume you want to use and then click “SUBMIT TO APPLY.” It’s that easy! You can also add a cover letter if you really want to stand out. After you apply, click the “VIEW SIMILAR JOBS” button just below and keep the momentum going.

But what about those other jobs — the ones that send you to an employer’s site to fill out an application there? We know those forms can be a bit tedious, but a lot of employers really need your information in their system to get you movin’ and groovin’ through their application and interview process. Although we think there’s no time like the present — go ahead and fill out that application NOW! — we get that sometimes it’s just not the right time. So, we’re giving you some breathing room by sending you an email to fill out the full application on your own schedule. But seriously, the sooner the better when it comes to landing your dream job, right?

Take the Leap — Search and Apply for a Job!