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Nursing Award Winner: Antonia Primus

On May 11, 2022

Antonia Primus

Recipient of the Health eCareers National Nurses Week Award

St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center

Intensive Care Unit

Congratulations to Nurse Antonia Primus, winner of the Health eCareers National Nurses Week Award! This award is given to three nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty in providing compassionate care to their patients and making a significant difference to the profession of nursing. Each year, this prestigious award will honor three exceptional nurses with a monetary reward of $1,000.

Antonia’s Mother, Jacqueline Telesford, wrote this glowing nomination highlighting her daughter’s resilience and commitment to her patients:

“Antonia (Toni) has been practicing as a critical care nurse for the last 5 years. I have seen her blossom in her occupation. In the earlier years of her career, Toni was nominated for Rookie of the year by her peers who described her as “a team player”, “very caring”, “hardworking”, “dedicated”, “diligent”, and “compassionate”.  In her previous unit she was heavily involved in making it a better place for patients and staff alike.

Her concerns for new grad nurses as well as any person in stressful working environments have propelled her to find innovative ways to assist others. As a member of the Practice Counsel Committee, she developed a critical care report sheet which allowed for more organization, structure, and flow of pertinent patient information. This report sheet has also reduced the amount of time it took to write patients reports. In addition, new grad nurses have reported that it is helpful and stress-alleviating in handoff reports. It is now used in other critical care units in the hospital where she presently works.

Toni is also instrumental in orienting new graduate nurses because of her skillset. She is truly talented in both the art and science of nursing. I became concerned for her when the COVID-19 pandemic hit our nation. The impact of witnessing so much human suffering weighed so heavily on her. She was not the same bright and cheery girl I always knew. I do not know everything she has experienced because she always upheld HIPPA and respected her patients’ rights. What I do know is that she sought the help that she needed. For that I am extremely proud of her. She went against the gradient in a world where depression and suicide rank high as the cause of death. I am so proud of her because today, she has reframed her experiences in a way that strengthens her. The experiences of being the sole person that held the hand of many individuals who died as a result of COVID haunted my daughter.

Now, she is motivated to do more for her community. As a humble recipient of the Presidential Graduate Scholarship at Arizona State University she will complete her Doctor of Philosophy of Nursing and Health Innovation. Her experiences directed her research focus on finding ways to improve self-care practices for nurses. I believe she deserves this award because she is an example to many of how to be resilient and still thrive in the face of adversity.”

Health eCareers is pleased to present Nurse Antonia Primus with this award for her exemplary work. Thank you for all that you do in the profession of nursing.

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