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Top U.S. Locations for Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners

On Jul 18, 2022
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Being a locum NP is an exciting profession, but a big factor is salary and geographic location. Naturally, you want to make as much money as you can and be in a place that supports you. This article explores locum salaries by city, states in need, and top states with great reputations for respecting the NP profession. Hopefully, it helps you sort through your offers of enticing locum tenens NP jobs!

Top City Salaries for Locum NPs

According to ZipRecruiter.com, the national average wage for a locum tenens NP is $149,743 or $72/hour. If you want to strive for the highest earnings possible, below is a list of top-paying cities for locum tenens nurse practitioners, with annual salaries much higher than average.


City Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
San Francisco, CA $187,565 $15,630 $3,607 $90.18
Fremont, CA $182,644 $15,220 $3,512 $87.81
San Jose, CA $175,909 $14,659 $3,383 $84.57
Oakland, CA $174,123 $14,510 $3,349 $83.71
Jackson, WY $174,059 $14,505 $3,347 $83,68
Hayward, CA $170,801 $14,233 $3,285 $82.12
Seattle, WA $169,952 $14,163 $3,268 $81.71
Vallejo, CA $169,914 $14,159 $3,268 $81.69
Sunnyvale, CA $169,516 $14,126 $3,260 $81.50
Barnstable Town, MA $168,523 $14,044 $3,241 $81.02


Top States in Need of Locum NPs

According to CompHealth, there are 7 states that have an especially high need for locum tenens jobs. Let’s explore which states are most in need, and the reasoning behind it.

  • California: The 65+ population in California is expected to double by 2030, meaning nurse practitioner locum tenens jobs will be desperately needed. The highest average wage for locum NPs is offered in this state.
  • Washington: You can earn just as much as a locum NP in Washington as you can in California and work at one of the top-ranked hospitals.
  • Iowa: Rural Iowans have high blood pressure, farming injuries, obesity, and other disabilities to contend with, so the need for NPs and PAs is great.
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque is in need of locum PAs and NPs, but since 20 percent of New Mexicans live in a state of poverty, the need also stretches into the far reaches of rural counties.
  • Tennessee: While some of the best hospitals in the world are located in this state, one in five people is in need of more care.
  • Oregon: This is a “full-practice state” for nurse practitioners and the demand for NP family practice locum tenens jobs is great.
  • North Carolina: Rural areas in particular are in need of healthcare workers. Camden County, North Carolina, for instance, has no NP or PA to speak of in the entire county.

Best States to Be an NP

According to ThriveAP, the following states are considered the best states for nurse practitioners. Primarily, this is because of freedom to practice, independence, and a respect for the NP profession. These states afford NPs a full practice to work independently and write prescriptions—in some cases, even for medical marijuana.

  • Washington
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • New Hampshire
  • Arizona